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Monthly service and fee is $49.95.00 (starts on the 3rd month).



Your business and coupons will be available for 24/7 for everyone to use.

You will be  serving mostly your regular customer and the your community that surrounded you, Your goal is to keep your customer happy and to attract a new ones!


In  store Coupons: For the fraction of the price, comparing with what other competitors charges,  they will advertise your business to people too far from you to visit your business. With our zip code geographic location your customers can find you within miles/ feet of their current location.

Online Deals and Coupon Codes: You will be able to reach customers around the world. People are always looking online for great deals online or in their current state.

100% WORTH IT!
Your advertising with us is 100 % worth it, once you sign up no one will bother you anymore so you can focus on your business.  No contract, Cancel Anytime!


New account always start on the first of the month. Deadlines to change a coupon is on the fifteen (15) of each month. Payments are due on the (21) of each month. If the payment is late your business will be blocked for your customers until payment is fulfilled. If your business was blocked for a period of (6) months you will have to be register again and you will be charged $275.00 registration fee.